Lara Ciarabellini

25 years after the end of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Somnambulism discusses the importance of culture and urban fabric in the construction-destruction-reconstruction of the country. In four different stages, the reader will experience a metaphorical wandering of night and day walking between the old and new infrastructures, buildings and monuments. Firstly, in a once-upon-a-time journey between Sarajevo and Belgrade, historical events unfold the Yugoslav intercultural nation born after the World War II. Then, landscapes still offended by the tragedy of the war and of the urbicide, reveal the collective amnesia of the 1992–1995 conflict. In the last two stages, the dualism between division and unity betoken the contemporary terrain of Bosnia and Herzegovina, marked both by the visible presence of religious monuments and by landscapes which uprise to avoid the oblivion of the multicultural common past. With her photographs, Lara Ciarabellini is able to show the change in the web of intertwining layers of the Yugoslav and Bosnian collective memory in the last decades, adding a new and personal point of view in the analysis of the aftermath of the war. Poems, texts, and archival pictures accompany her and reader’s journey.


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