Houses Magdalene In The Studio

We assume that photography and cultural make up learn in different ways, but mainly in practice and reflection. All knowledge is consolidated in a more efficient and sustainable manner when put to the test in everyday experiences. Open space for a residence is one of the mechanisms of formation and exchange that happens in Studio Magdalene.

The residence, participants participating shares managed by Studio Magdalene, while they are supported and encouraged to develop their authorial projects, having at their disposal structure

physical and participation in workshops. All researchers and staff of Studio Magdalene and the ERC back to the residence, welcoming students and professionals who want to be part of it - through an annual selection.

The program was inaugurated in 2013 by Collective São Paulo Pangaea Two, São Paulo, formed by Vinicius Assencio photographers and Malu Teodoro. The new residents 2014 Italians are the Walter Costa and Sara de Santis.

Walter Costa and Sara de Santis
From Pangaea Two