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Working with photos is to work for society. We believe in them as a way of understanding reality, as a way of understanding the world itself through images.

The Studio Magdalene is a cultural producer who has photographic creation and diffusion as central themes of work. It was founded in 2002 by photographer Iatã Cannabrava, in which 2012 partnered with the curator and researcher CatalanClaudi Carreras.

The company, in São Paulo, brings together professionals ahead of major projects involving visual arts, working in the area of ​​photographic documentation, development of exhibitions and curatorial, editorial projects and coordinating large events, as the Paraty in Focus -

International Festival of Photography (in partnership with Zoom Gallery Photography Paraty); the E.CO - Photographic Collective Meeting, the Latin American Forum of Sao Paulo Photography (in partnership with Itaú Cultural) Meeting and Thought and Reflection in Photography (in partnership with the Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo – MIS), among others.

In 2012, Studio created the Magdalene Magdalene Workshops - Center for the Study of Image. This is a place focused on the research and practice around photography and its consequences. Since, the company solidified other focus areas, creating a bookstore about selo editorial dedicated to photography, becoming a leading Brazilian references when talking about spaces for reflection on the photographic image.

Studio Magdalene
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Direction: Claudi Carreras and Iatã Cannabrava

Toward Assistant
Irene Paris B. the Hollanda

Marcela Jones


Renata Baralle

Assessoria de Imprensa
Juliana Gola

Regina Leal

Text Editor
Mariana Lacerda

Web Design and Development
Ambush Studio

Bookstore Magdalene
Pheasant Street, 82
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Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Viviane Vilela

Magdalene Workshops Studies Centre Image
Pheasant Street, 75
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Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Carmen Negrao