Albinos / Gustavo Lacerda

After considerable public repercussion, Albinos, by photographer Gustavo Lacerda, now gains book format by Editora Madalena.

The photographer says that, “The idea of starting this project only came in 2009, when I realized that besides an aesthetic wealth there were important issues, such as social invisibility and photophobia, considering that photography is essentially light. I became more and more involved and the project grew.” Some 50 albinos were photographed over five years. The book has 35 images, the result of lots of editing.

The photographs were taken at the artist’s studio in São Paulo, as well as in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão, in locations close to Lençóis, known for a high concentration of albinos. A stylist and an assistant always accompanied the photographer on these trips. Conscious that he was dealing with people who were not normally cast as protagonists, the author invited them in to the formal environment of the studio. And this is how, with Albinos, Gustavo Lacerda manages to portray a world full of feelings: a mixture of pride and vanity, discomfort and distress. A universe of extremes.

On one of the pages of the book the reader finds a letter, written by the mother of twin albino girls portrayed in the book.

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Photographies Gustavo Lacerda
Madalena Publishing house
Number of pictures: 35
Number of pages: 68
Design: N2 Estúdio
Printed in Brazil by IPSIS

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