If I Exorcise my Devils my Angels may leave too

Marco Risović

Nemanja Pančić

With If I Exorcise my devils my angels may leave too, the fifth title of the Eclisse series, we travel to Serbia, on the track of Marco Risović and Nemanja Pančić.
When the going get tough, people have to believe in something, reinvent themselves,
any mean is then legitimate, even suggestion and auto-suggestion might work.
In a period of social turmoil, Marko and Nemanja are concerned with the side-effects common people undergo.

Chapter 1- THE CIRCLE – a reportage by Nemanja Pančić.

Nemanja Pančić, winner of World Press Photo contest 2013 for the category “Observed Portrait”,
choose to leave his representation of Serbia to the “Najdan Circles“, named after they alleged discoverer, Najdan Rakic,
who claimed to have found an energy field with healing power in the small Serbian village of Mala Krsna.
He marked it with two circles, which soon became a pilgrimage destination for ill people and believers of the magical power of the circles.
They stay in a circle for about 15 minutes a day.
Many visitors claim to feel much better after the treatment.

Chapter 2- THE LEGION – a reportage by Marko Risović

For his reportage “The legion”, Marko Risović follow the daily life of Dusko, former “regular” boy, excellent student and intellectual.
Like many others he was suffering for the lack of opportunities and perspectives of Serbian society so he followed his urge for adventure.

He became a soldier of fortune in the French Foreign Legion, where he served for several years.

One day he chose to go back to his country to live a normal life.

His military career, his labile personality and the fuzzy Serbian situation, didn’t help him to fit back into society or to find a regular job.
Too weird to live too rare to die.
This story is also about the brain drain many European country are undergoing: instability, lack of jobs and political turmoil
lead many young people to leave their countries;
once they want to go back they have to face the fact they became too different to fit back in.
Dusko and his inner struggle are an extreme example.

Eclisse #5
50 pages (22+28) B/W
printed on Fedrigoni Cento 140 gsm
cover: black cardboard 180gsm
50 pages – 15 x 20 cm
Dos a dos hand-made binding
edition of 100


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