Enter the Pyramid

Olivier Cablat

The project Egypt 3000 deals with the complex relationship between contemporary Egypt and its glorious past. The project took shape between October 2003 and June 2004, when Olivier Cablat was working on a CNRS programme in Karnak, in the south of Egypt.
Enter the pyramid – first book of the project Egypt 3000 – is composed with a set of images found on the Internet using the keyword “pyramid”.

« Beyind a seeming simplicity, the structure of the book is as complex as the legendary internal complexity of the pyramids of Egypt.Going beyond the cliché tourist destination or postcard, the term is presented here in all its diversity, from reality to symbolic representation:its architectural posterity, its timeless character, its symbolic power, its popular dimension, its teeming imaginary – all are linked subtly and with humor. » Quentin Bajac, The Aperture photobook review, 2012


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