Cristina De Middel

Sharki cation fl is the record of the photographer on the slums of Vidigal, Rocinha, Alto Boa Vista, Complex German and Morro de Santa Marta, - All in Rio de Janeiro - and proposes debate project started in September Nigéria.Em 2015 Spanish Cristina Middel spent a month in five slums of the Brazilian metropolis, in residence by Inclusartiz Foundation, for a kind of continuity This is what hatred did project started in Nigeria. The photographer came back three times to the city to complete what is now the Publisher Magdalene launches in photobook format under the Sharki title fl cation - "comes from paci fl cation, I am master of absurd titles ", she jokes.

Photograph fl ace Cristina de Middel
Publisher hard MadalenaCapa
ISBN: 9788569557074
Format: 16 x 23 cm
Number of pages: 140


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