Anna Kahn

EAST, Anna Kahn is the winner of the first edition book PHOTO AWARD IN TARIFF FOR BOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHY pioneering project, realized and made possible by the partnership between the Tiradentes Photography Festival, Editora Time d'Image and Graphic Ipsis.

EAST is inspired by the wayside theme. The photographs that make up the work inspired by the ideogram Ji Zhu, written on a blackboard, which means "you can not forget" in Chinese. The act of remembering is no longer important in a society that lives in a devourer speed. Juan I-Jong, who created the magazine Photographers International, em Taipei, He wrote about this test: "Anna Kahn uses dark colors and dim light, by focusing on the details, creating a dense and difficult environment. All the clues related to China are presented through metaphor, as if the photographer was inviting the viewer to solve a mystery. "

Author: Anna Kahn
Texts: Pedro Afonso Vasquez e
Jean Loh
Format: 19×23 cm, 64 pages
ISBN: 978-85-87314-49-9


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