Celso Brandão

Black box is the receptacle in which are recorded all the details of a flight. After a disaster, It is the object of all searches to try to understand what happened. Black also points to other places in the semantic fields of photography, clear, but also demographics, by magic, by geography, from astronomy, physical, metaphysics.

Black box gives way account and photographer immersion in their homeland – Alagoas. This small state in Brazil's Northeast has a strong identity. The São Francisco River, its southern border, It was a major axis of the conquest of the region and campaigns to slavery or the extermination of the interior of the Indians. Over Over 3 one thousand kilometers, the river, said the national unity, It is also the axis of the great interior desert, the Hinterland. In this huge semiarid zone, in states junction of the Northeast and Southeast, developed, since the sixteenth century, an extensive pastoral activity based on cattle. The Hinterland is also the homeland of a mythology built around the bandit figures and Blessed, charismatic pastor. The landless peasant must adapt and migrate permanently. These figures are the result of climate conditions and the violence of the landlords. This story was highlighted in the literature and cinema. It feeds the Brazilian collective imagination.

Cashier- black – Celso Brandão (according to Miguel Rio Branco)


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