Cássio Vasconcelos

The book Aeroporto, by the photographer Cássio Vasconcellos, is a result of a year of work with thousands of photographs in many airports in Brasil and in the United States, in which he created his own “imaginary airport”. The final image, unique, in large dimensions was fragmented in 32 parts, each page containing details of airplanes, cars and everything involved in the place. The publication is from Editora Madalena, coordenated by Claudia Jaguaribe and design by Mariana Lara Resende from Estúdio Xadrez. The cover in acrilic and special encadernação, the book invites the reader to reasemble the large airport, as he wishes, by ripping off the pages.

Photographies by Cássio Vasconcellos
Madalena Publishing House
Editor: Claudia Jaguaribe
Number of pictures: 32
Number of pages: 74
Design: Estúdio Xadrez
Printed in China by Oceanic Graphic


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